Try This “5-Flavored Berry” for Better Health

Although many Americans have never heard of it, schizandra has been used in medicine for over 4,000 years and may be one of the most important foods you could incorporate into your health. Named by the Chinese “Wu Wei Zi,” schizandra is directly translated as “Five-Taste Fruit.” In Chinese medicine, food is classified by its […]

Nature’s Stroke Prevention

I’m walking around a new park I’ve been wanting to check out, holding a freshly grilled steak sandwich and looking for a spot to have lunch. Tucked away behind a tree, I notice a bench facing away from the rest of the park and towards some shrubs and a small pond. Perfect. There’s something about […]

Is This the Magic Number of Hours of Sleep You Need?

Have you ever slept longer than you normally do… And ended up more tired than if you would have slept less? There’s a reason for this we want to share with you. We’ve all heard the advice that you need to sleep 8 hours a night. However, new data suggests that not only is 8 […]

How to Boost Your Memory In 10 Minutes A Day

Even if you loath running as a form of exercise…  New research shows performing even just 10 minutes of cardio is well worth the suffering.  That is, if you want to maintain a high-powered brain even into old age. You see, a recent Japanese study used a well-established brain test called the Stroop Color-Word Test […]