Live 5 Years Longer By Eating This

With all the bogus and contradictory nutrition advice floating around, it can be hard to figure out which of them to trust. However, there are some that are clear. Certain nutrient deficiencies are worse than smoking a pack a day. An omega-3 deficiency is one of them. Omega-3 is a saturated fat found in various […]

How Much Alcohol A Day Is “Safe?”

Ever heard of wet brain? It’s a form of brain damage from excessive alcohol consumption. It’s typically a term reserved for heavy drinkers and alcoholics. However, a new study shows that you don’t need to drink that much to get serious brain damage. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed data from over 36,000 American adults and […]

Stretching Routine Protects Your Heart

The number of jobs that require men to sit in one spot for 8-12 hours is staggering. I can only imagine the impact this will have on longevity when we look at the long-term data, but we are already starting to see the risks. A study from the University of Milan that showed that failing […]

These Greens Can Help Protect Your Heart

How do you think you’re going to die? Not to get morbid, but we’ve all thought about it. In my experience, most guys say they’d want to die either respectably or peacefully. Maybe while fighting a beast to save a child. Or on your deathbed at 96 next to your loved ones. But falling over […]