Stop Putting These 4 Hidden Killers on Your Skin

We would never put these chemicals in our bodies if they were served to us on a dinner plate.

Printer Fumes: The New Masculinity Killer

Have you ever spilled toner from a laser printer? If you haven’t, you may be surprised to hear a fine powder comes flying out… Not a liquid. And this stuff is incredibly airborne. Spreads everywhere like 30 mile an hour winds blowing through a field of dandelions Whenever you print something, most of it gets […]

Is Too Much Coffee Bad For Your Brain?

If you’re like most red-blooded American men, you drink coffee. It’s America’s third most consumed drink (after water and soft drinks). And it’s been so ingrained in our culture that it’s one of the few socially accepted addictions. Some men even drink an entire pot a day. Should you be worried? An Australian study seems […]

America’s Nutrient Crisis

The standard nutrition label is failing American’s and the consequences are brutal.

An Apple A Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away

We all know the childhood saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Now, new research is showing fruit like apples are not only healthy for your body but also your mind. Published in the British Journal of Nutrition, a study surveyed 428 adults from across the UK and looked at the relationship between […]

America’s Obesity Epidemic Is Getting Worse

Obesity kills about 47% more people every year than smoking. And a recent BYU study is shows things are about to get even worse. They looked at 13,800 adults and found that more than half of Americans got at least 5% fatter over the past 10 years. [R] On average, Americans today are already 30% more […]

The Only Type of “Multi-Tasking” that Actually Works

I’ve always been a huge critic of multitasking. The truth it, you’re not getting more done. You’re only ensuring multiple things get done poorly. Which is why I was surprised to read a new study from the University of Rochester. It showed that there’s one form of multitasking that’s actually beneficial: Walking while problem-solving. Thankfully, […]

Get Your Eyes Checked or Risk Dementia

When it comes to eye issues, time is of the essence. I have a friend with a lazy eye who got it “fixed” a few years ago, but his brain still hasn’t registered the change. Even though his eyes look normal to everyone else, he still sees the world though his long-lost lazy eye. It […]

Optimism Makes You Live Longer

Did you know women live longer than men? When you think about it this makes sense. We work more dangerous jobs… Take more risks… Bury our stress and problems 6 feet under the ground… And have to dragged kicking and screaming to see a doctor. But a new study published by the American Geriatrics Society […]

This Exercise “Reshapes” Your Metabolism

One of the most effective ways to increase your metabolism and burn calories is to workout. But the type of exercise can make a difference. A Copenhagen study showed high-intensity interval training (HIIT) not only burns calories, but entirely reshapes your metabolism. [R] HIIT is essentially a combination of high-intensity intervals with low-intensity recovery periods. Our […]