Belly Fat is Breaking Your Brain

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Ever heard of cognitive flexibility?

It’s one of the most important brain powers a man can possess…

And crucial if you want to be a great leader.

Cognitive flexibility is your ability to reason and solve problems independently of previous knowledge.

Basically, your ability to “think on your feet”

Which is essential in environments that are high in pressure, spontaneity, and change.

On the other hand, here are some signs that you may be lacking in cognitive flexibility:

• You get frustrated when you don’t get advance notice about small changes (even rescheduling a simple trip to the grocery store throws you off)

• You don’t do well with spontaneous plans (your friends know not to bother inviting you to a movie that starts in less than an hour)

• Your thoughts are disorganized when solving an important problem (and you end up going with your gut instead of taking a rational approach)

If you experience any of these deficiencies, it’s important you keep reading.

There are a wide range of opinions when it comes to how we can improve our cognitive performance.

There are many courses, programs, and even iPhone apps that people swear by.

The truth is, the evidence behind those solutions is shaky, at best.

The brain is the least understood organ in the human body. Any “step-by-step” solution to improving your brain should be taken with great skepticism.

However, one thing seems to be certain.

High cognitive flexibility is correlated with physical health.

Recently, researchers from Iowa State University found higher amounts of belly fat DESTROY cognitive flexibility in men in their 40s and 50s. [R]

And in the same study the found discovered the flip side of the coin…

That muscle mass PROTECTS cognitive flexibility.

Which is why getting enough, and the right kind of protein is crucial for men.

The lead scientist on this study, Auriel Willette, even went as far as to say…

“Chronological age doesn’t seem to be a factor in fluid intelligence decreasing over time…It appears to be biological age, which here is the amount of fat and muscle.”

In other words, getting older isn’t the main reason you lose a cognitive step…

It’s because you’re not taking care of your physical health.

So before you deem yourself a lost cause and blame your poor brain performance on aging, ask yourself these questions:

Am I eating too much? Too little?

Am I getting enough exercise? (Even a brisk walk per day will do wonders!)

Am I getting enough sleep? (7-9 hours is a MUST)

Lacking cognitive flexibility can lead to serious complications in life…

Without it, it’s easy to feel a sense of purposelessness that leads to stagnancy, discouragement, and even depression.

The junk food is not worth it.

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1 month ago

Never knew there was such a connection! wow. Guys need to know about this…

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