Is This The World’s Most Nutritious Superfood?

You might not have heard of this nutrient-packed powerhouse before, but gram for gram, spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the planet.

America’s Nutrient Crisis

The standard nutrition label is failing American’s and the consequences are brutal.

3 Reasons Men Should Eat More Liver

Loaded with Vitamin A, CoQ10, and Vitamin B12, liver is gram for gram one of the most nutritious foods on earth.

Eating Spicy Foods Makes Men Live Longer

Like eating spicy foods? New research shows you might live longer because of it.

The Best Fat Burning Diet for Men

The Mediterranean diet, helps reduce your risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. While high in fat, this diet actually helps fight fat.

Yolk or Egg Whites: What’s Better for Your Cholesterol?

When it comes to improving your cholesterol levels, there is a clear winner.

Study Proves Why Organic Meat Is Healthier

A new study compared the nutritional benefits of organic meat and milk to non-organic  and the results were pretty amazing. An international team of experts, led by Newcastle University, UK, concluded the largest study of its kind. They looked at data from around the world, reviewing 196 papers on milk and 67 papers on meat. [R]  […]

Massive Study Proves Organic Meat Is Healthier

There’s a constant debate in the world of nutrition on whether organically grown food is really healthier than non-organic food. However, the discussion usually has two areas of focus – fruits and veggies. I’m always left wondering, “what about the meat?”. Which is why I want to share with you a new study which compared […]