Can Probiotics Help Lower Your Cholesterol?

We know they’re good for your gut, but do probiotics also help support healthy cholesterol levels?

5 Nutrients Critical to Immunity Men Are Deficient In

A shocking study in the journal, Nutrients, found the average man is deficient in these 5 nutrients critical to a strong immune system.

Top 8 Benefits of CoQ10 For Aging Men

CoQ10 is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in history and for good reason. This nutrient plays a crucial in how well or not well your mitochondria function. Remember, the mitochondria are the biological “powerplants” that produce the energy every cell in your body needs to survive. The process by which your mitochondria create […]

Defective Mitochondria And Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, is currently incurable. Only the symptoms are treatable, and the medical community has poured billions of dollars into clinical trials trying to develop new treatments to slow down the disease. Yet, while other fields of research such as cancer and HIV therapies […]

5 Little-Known Secrets to Survive Cold Season

It’s estimated that the average U.S. adult typically has two to four colds each year, while children may have up to a dozen.

Fructose: The Deadliest Sugar

Here in Virginia, asking your server for “sweet tea” is generally redundant. If you ask for tea, you can usually assume it will more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Unfortunately, sugar-sweetened beverages, which contain added sugars in the form of high fructose corn syrup or table sugar (sucrose), can have much longer-lasting effects on your […]

The Key To Longevity No One Is Talking About

There’s one simple key to longevity people are ignoring.

Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Cost Americans $340 Billion A Year

To live a healthy lifestyle the obvious protocols come to mind like eating a nutrient dense diet, performing an effective exercise routine, and a getting good night’s sleep. You can see the foods you’re putting in your body and experience the good or not so good after effects. You can see yourself in a mirror […]

5 Cold Causing Dangers To Avoid this Winter

Sneezing, sniffling, coughing …it’s officially cold season. It’s estimated that the average U.S. adult typically has two to four colds each year, while children may have up to a dozen. Each year, between 5% and 20% of the U.S. population also come down with flu-like symptoms, according to Medline. I don’t know about you, but […]