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Discover the Revolutionary New Protein Activation Technology That Can Help Any Man Grow Stronger, Leaner and Mentally Sharper - FAST

Hi. Peter Monsen here. 

I’m the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Ouro Vitae.

Today, I want to tell you about a revolutionary nutritional technology …

That can help you gain the upper hand on fatigue, weight gain and muscle loss …

So you can remain young, energetic and strong well into your 80’s and beyond.

Now I want to be clear, I’m not talking about some expensive piece of exercise equipment …

Or some diet app that requires dramatic changes to the foods you eat.

Instead, this technology was designed to delivery a critical nutrient directly into your cells…

A nutrient that holds the key to super charging the results you get with Mito Male

Because it provides the raw materials your mitochondria need to rebuild and restore your body down to the cellular level.

Simply put, even though Mito Male is the single most powerful formula available for optimizing male vitality …

…a product that can help you build muscle, burn fat, build muscle and strength…

Mito Male can only work its magic if your body has enough of this “critical nutrient”.

That’s why it’s vital you read every word on this page.

Because recent research out of Harvard University shows …

The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to absorb and deliver this “critical nutrient” to your cells.

But I’m going to show you how a revolutionary technology virtually guarantees your cells are getting enough of this “critical nutrient” …

So your mitochondria have the best chance to:

Now I know that’s an incredible list …

But all my research suggests that getting more of this one “critical nutrient” is one of the fastest, easiest most powerful things you can do for your health.

Which is why this revolutionary nutritional technology may be the biggest male health breakthrough I’ve come across yet.

Now I’m going to give you all my research on this “critical nutrient” in just a minute.

And reveal exactly how this technology helps deliver more of this nutrient into your cells.

But before I do, I want to tell you a little bit more about myself …

If You’re Over 40 You’re Probably Not Getting Enough of this Critical Nutrient in Your Diet

Like I said earlier, my name is Peter Monsen

I’m the Chief Science Officer at Ouro Vitae, one of the world’s fastest growing anti-aging companies.

I spent the last few decades researching nutrition and teaching biochemistry at a top research university…

While helping my family run an elite fitness and training gym on Long Island, New York.

We trained dozens of NFL, NHL, MLB and MMA athletes at our facility …

As well as many topflight medical and Wall Street professionals.

Helping them maintain the energy, strength and stamina they had in their youth …

So they could continue to compete at the highest level.

And there’s one thing I’ve realized over all my years of working with peak performers …

If you want to become the most successful, most powerful version of yourself …

You Need An

Abundance of Strength

And not just physical strength … emotional and spiritual strength are just as important.

Because when you have this perfect trifecta of strength … 

I’ve found that you can truly accomplish anything you desire.

While all three are equally important …

I’ve also come to realize that a strong body is the foundation of a strong mind and spirit …

And I’m not just talking about strong muscles.

You also need to build strength in your bones, joints, mitochondria, metabolism, brain power and every other aspect of your physical being if you want to be a peak performer …

And when it comes to making your body physically stronger from head to toe …

What I’ve discovered through personal experience … and my experience training dozens of high-performance professionals …

Is that healthy mitochondria are essential if you want to rebuild and restore your body’s strength down to the cellular level.

That's Why I Created Mito Male

The world’s first and only mitochondria boosting supplement designed exclusively for men over 40. But there’s a catch …

Your mitochondria can only rebuild your muscles, joints, and other cells in your body from the ground up … If they have the right raw materials.  And I can almost guarantee … That if you’re a man that’s approaching his 40th birthday or older …

You’re probably deficient in this one “critical nutrient” I’ve been talking about over the last few minutes.

Mito Male Large

So what is this “critical nutrient”?

It's Protein

Now I know what you must be thinking …“I love a good steak … I eat meat every day … How can I be deficient in protein?”

And if that’s your first reaction, I get it.

I felt the same way too before I saw the research.

But here’s the thing …

Even if your diet is loaded with beef, chicken and eggs …

And even if you’re currently taking a protein shake on a regular basis …

You still may not be getting enough protein into the cells where your body needs them.

Because, in order for protein to work in the body, it must first be broken down, absorbed and transported inside your muscle cells as amino acids.

Unfortunately, starting in your late 30’s …

Years of stress, poor diet, food allergies, and environmental toxins …

Can wreak havoc on the enzymes in the gut that help break down protein into amino acids.

Even worse, these same risk factors cause damage and inflammation to the lining of your intestinal walls …

Which limits the amount of amino acids that make it through your intestines into your bloodstream …

Where they can be carried to the cells that need them the most.

And the older you get …

The worse this problem becomes.

In fact, a major study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found…

Only 30% of the protein you eat from sources like chicken, fish and beef makes into the cells that need them.

Which Is Why I Started Digging Deeper

I was looking for a way to address the real cause behind this protein deficiency.

Because protein is one of the most critical macro nutrients in the human diet.

And the amino acids in protein serve as the building blocks for nearly every important structure and function inside your body.

In fact, research shows that when our bodies are properly nourished with this critical nutrient it can:


Support the production of critical hormones that help you feel strong, energized and focused


Keep your bones, joints and ligaments healthy and strong


Help restore digestion and metabolism so you can absorb more nutrients from your food


Give you healthier skin and thicker fuller hair


Suppress cravings so you can get a leaner, healthier physique on autopilot


Help you gain lean muscle without spending hours in the gym

Clearly, protein is an essential building block for your health

And it’s not crazy to speculate that many of your health challenges …

Including poor digestion, lack of energy, expanding waistline and decrease in strength …

Can all be tied to your body’s inability to digest protein like it once did.

Which is why I set out to find the perfect protein technology for our customers.

A product that not only helps them get the right amount of protein …

Delivered exactly where it’s most needed …

But also helps address the real cause of the protein deficiency we all face as we age.

And I found the answer in First Finisher’s Bio-Available Whey.

Simply put, there is nothing else out there that can compete with this breakthrough protein formula.


you get up to 5x the amino acids delivered directly into the cells that need them the most!

Because our research shows that just one scoop of this premium protein is up to

5x more bio-available

than ordinary protein powders


Power Up Your Protein

Most supplement companies don’t know – or don’t care – about making your protein more bio-available by using natural ingredients.

That’s why this Bio-Available Whey is so revolutionary.

It uses a proprietary Protein Activation Technology …

Which not only helps the body breakdown, absorb and transport more amino acids directly into the cells that need them the most …

But also addresses the root cause of age-related protein deficiency …

A damaged gut.

It all starts with the main ingredient, 100% Grass-Fed, Pure Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is made up of 90% pure protein. Almost all the fat and lactose have been removed.
Which makes it one of the purest protein sources on the market.

You simply get what the body needs – loads of amino acids – with no fillers or extra calories. 

Which is good …

Because according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition … 

As you get older, eating carbohydrates along with protein lowers your body’s ability to use the amino acids to build new muscle.

And as you may know … 

Muscle mass is one of the most important predictors for longevity.

In addition, the same study showed that one particular amino acid called leucine …

Had the most impact on helping your body build new muscle.

In short, the more leucine you have in the blood … the more muscle you're able to build … no matter what your age.

Which is another reason why this grass-fed whey isolate is so effective …

Because whey protein packs nearly 5 grams of leucine per scoop …

One of the highest leucine concentrations of any protein source on the market.

That’s why whey protein has been so popular with body builders over the years.

There are thousands of studies showing that it is the safest, most effective ways to maintain and stimulate muscle growth …

No matter what your age.

Which is why I’m here today to tell you that …

whey protein is not just for body builders anymore

In fact, I believe that a good whey protein supplement is essential for any man that’s hit their 40th birthday and beyond.

Because a recent study out of Italy shows that muscle mass is the single most important marker for living a long healthy life.

In short, the better you can maintain your muscle mass …
…the more likely you are to live to 90 and beyond.

Which is why it’s more important then ever that you get enough protein in your diet …

Especially a high-quality protein like the grass-fed whey isolate you find in First Finisher’s Bio-Available Whey.

Because this protein powder not only gives you 90% pure protein without all the carbs and fats in most protein drinks …

And a huge dose of leucine that can help you build new muscle at any age …

But it also is one of the easiest proteins for your body to break down into amino acids.

In fact, the International Society of Sports Nutrition claims that whey isolate can deliver up to 2x the amount of amino acids vs proteins like chicken and fish

Simply due to its superior bioavailability.

That’s why I believe whey isolate one the best protein sources on the planet.

But even with all these benefits … 

If you’re over 40, your body still may have trouble getting the full benefits of this whey isolate …

Which is why First Finisher developed a proprietary new nutritional technology …

A 3-phase Protein Activation System that ensures you are getting the most out of every scoop.

It all starts with …

PAT - Red and Black - 500

Phase 1

Protein Breakdown

Like I’ve been telling you …

Years of poor diet, medications, environmental toxins can prevent our bodies from creating enough protein digesting enzymes …

Which means you can’t break down these large protein molecules into easy to use amino acids.

Even worse, since these digestive enzymes are made from amino acids themselves …

Your body becomes locked into a vicious downward spiral where less enzymes produce less bio-available amino acids which produce even less enzymes.

That’s why the first phase of our Protein Activation Technology contains a proprietary blend of protein digesting enzymes called Prohydrolase … 

Right inside the formula.

This solves our first critical issue

Because research shows that Prohydrolase helps convert 99% of the whey in the powder into bio-available amino acids and peptides …

Which is the first step towards preventing and even reversing the vicious enzyme spiral I just mentioned.

Even better, these enzymes will help you digest all your other dietary sources of protein as well …

Flooding your body with the critical amino acids it will need to rebuild and restore your muscles, joints, and skin down to the cellular level.

Plus, since Prohydrolase breaks down 99% of the whey protein into amino acids …

There are virtually no large protein molecules left in your stomach

ProHydrolase hydrolyzes whey protein more completely and faster than other popular protein degrading sports formulas.

Which means Prohydrolase virtually eliminates bloating, gassiness, and any stomach issues that may come with standard whey supplements. 

And here’s the kicker, in a recent clinical trial, participants who combined whey protein and Prohydrolase saw a significant drop in something called C-reactive protein.In case you didn’t know …

C-reactive protein is one of the most sensitive tests of inflammation in the body.

And high inflammation levels are a leading cause of many of the chronic conditions that plague our society.

CRP Levels

That means, Prohydrolase not only helps you get 3X the essential amino acids of a normal whey supplement …

And virtually eliminates the stomach issues many people experience taking protein supplements 

It also helps turbocharge your immune system so you can begin to reverse the inflammation that is breaking down your body.

PAT - Red and Black - 500

Phase 2

Amino Acid Transport

Phase 2 adds in a breakthrough compound called Astragin.

Astragin is a proprietary blend of Panax Ginseng and Astragulus that’s essential if you want to get the full benefits from your protein supplement.

Because multiple clinical studies have shown that Astragin helps boost the absorption of key amino acids into the blood by up to 66% …

By flipping a switch in your DNA that helps you make your body produce more “transporter molecules” along the walls of your gut.

You see, even though Prohydrolase helps break down 99% of the protein you eat into amino acids …

These amino acids can only pass through to your blood with the help of specific “transporter molecules” that line the walls of your gut

However, once again, things like medication, chronic stress, food additives and pollution can destroy the ability of these “transporter” molecules to do their jobs.

Which means the amino acids can’t pass through the gut and into the blood where they can be transported to the cells that need them the most … your muscles.

But here’s the good news …

Multiple clinical studies have shown that Astragin can flip a switch in your DNA …

That signals your body to start making more of these transporter molecules.

More transporter molecules mean more essential amino acids can reach your cells …

In fact, these studies have shown that Astragin boosts the absorption of key amino acids like …

But it gets better, because these benefits are not just limited to amino acids.

Because Astragin helps your body create hundreds of different transporter molecules …

Which can boost the absorption of dozens of key nutrients from your diet and any supplements you’re taking.

Here’s a small sample …

Plus, better nutrient absorption has a ton of additional benefits like:

PAT - Red and Black - 500

Phase 3

Amino Acid Acceleration

Now even if we simply added these first two compounds to the protein …

This would still be one of the most bio-available proteins on the market today.

But we didn’t stop there.

We added in another revolutionary, patent protected ingredient called Velositol.

Velositol is a revolutionary compound that helps drive more circulating amino acids directly into your muscle cells where they can be used to maintain and build new muscle!

In fact, early clinical studies have shown that Velositol can double the rate your body makes new muscle …

In just a single dose.

That means you can …


Recover twice as fast from intense exercise


Boost your strength and lean muscle twice as fast


improve your body composition twice as fast

And You Can Get All These Benefits From Your First Scoop Onward​

In short, this is one of the biggest advancements in protein technology in years …

Which is why it forms the final stage in our revolutionary Protein Activation Technology.

PAT - Red and Black - 500

Protein Breakdown

Amino Acid Transport

Amino Acid Acceleration

5x more bio-available WHEY

Better Protein = Greater Longevity


As I’ve been telling you, maintaining muscle mass and strength is essential if you want to turn back the clock … And live a long, healthy life. And First Finisher’s Bio-Available Whey is simply the best protein on the market if you’re a man over 40 who wants to build more muscle.

In fact, just one scoop a day gives you the protein power of 3 lbs of Chicken …Which means you never have to worry about counting your macros or monitoring your protein intake. Just take one scoop a day, and add in a simple strength training routine, and I guarantee you will be on your way to building new muscle at any age.

Plus, you also get all these remarkable benefits …

Faster Recovery

Greater bioavailability of amino acids means you’ll repair you muscles and tendons faster.  Plus, the patented compound, AstraGin, in our Protein Activation Technology helps reduce inflammation in your muscle cells, which speeds up the recovery process even more!

Stronger, healthier Digestion

Undigested protein isn’t just wasted … it can be harmful!

But our Protein Activation Technology has been shown to breakdown 99% of the protein that enters your body into peptides and amino acids … eliminating these problems for the vast majority of our customers.

Even better, research shows it can even heal the sensitive lining of your intestinal walls … which will not only help you absorb more amino acids into your bloodstream … it will also help you absorb vitamins, minerals and every other essential nutrients from your food better!

Improved Body Composition

Most people know that Protein is one of the most filling foods. In other words, if you want to cut down calories without suffering endless hunger … you need to up your protein intake.

But cutting-edge research has finally determined why protein is so filling. In short, this research shows that your feelings of fullness is directly related to the amount of amino acids that are circulating in your blood.

And since our Protein Activation Technology has been shown to boost the amount of amino acids that enter the blood by nearly 400% … that means we’ve created the ultimate protein powder for anyone that’s trying to lose unwanted fat.

Plus, It Also...


100% Money Back Guarantee

Order First Finisher's Bio-Available Whey And Don’t Risk A Single Penny

Because you’re covered by our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

It’s important to us that money doesn’t come between you and the solution your energy and health craves.

So we want to make this easy.

If for any reason you don’t get the results we’ve expressed over the trial period …

Simply return your EMPTY bottles of First Finisher’s Whey for a FULL, no-questions-asked refund.

Because the reality is:

If somehow First Finisher’s Bio-Available Whey fails to deliver the results we promise…

We don’t want to keep a penny of YOUR money.

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