6 Powerful Ingredients Essential for Male Vitality

Better Than Synthetic Hormone Replacements You Won't Believe It's All Natural †

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An all in one solution to help look, feel and perform like a younger man. While there are hundreds of products out there claiming to be able to boost T-Levels naturally…using ingredients with very little scientific backing or research … Mito Male focuses on a deeper cause of declining performance: The mitochondria.

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Gene N.

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“Mito male is an amazing supplement it has helped me tremendously, I feel so much better and I was in a bad way with brain trauma and it helped with the mitochondria and that in turn gave me back my life.”

Alredo P.

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“Three weeks out and I’m feeling a big difference physically and mentally…I am ordering another bottle to keep my Mito stream uninterrupted.”

Bob M.

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“Since turning 60 years old last year I really felt the impact of getting older… but once I found Mito Male all my worries went away. I can’t wait to drink it in the morning because I haven’t felt this type of energy and mental clarity in decades. Truthfully, I can’t recommend this product enough. If you want to feel like your old self and feel like a man again – Mito Male is must for any man.”

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6 Powerful Ingredients



Shilajit is used to stop mitochondrial decay in its tracks. This sacred tar like substance has been used for centuries in Indian medicine as a potent way to boost male vitality … It’s even called “the destroyer of weakness” because of its reputed effects on male performance. 


Propionyl L-Carnitine has potent effects on the circulatory system and blood vessels…which is why it’s proven to be a super boosting compound for male performance. This amino acid has also been shown to support the Leydig cells that produce Test, provide heart health benefits, and fight against chronic fatigue.



This unique version of the amino acid, l- carnitine, can cross the blood brain barrier … which makes it the only Carnitine derivative that also works to improve the mitochondrial efficiency in your brain as well as the body. That’s why Acetyl L-Carnitine has been shown to support cognitive function, memory, and focus.



An essential mineral for men, Zinc is critical to support hormone levels. Plus, it has also been shown to strengthen bones…prevent joint deterioration…prevent infections and help metabolize carbs.


PQQ  adds extra horsepower to the cellular engines … helping build more muscle, lose weight and supercharge  performance. Plus, it’s contains antioxidant power up to 5,000x more potent than some of the leading antioxidants like vitamin C …



Another essential mineral for men, Boron is crucial to support hormone levels. It’s been shown to support the immune system, promote reproductive health, maintain blood sugar levels, and is a powerful antioxidant.

No Artificial Coloring

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Premium Quality Ingredients

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Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Erythritol, Citric Acid, Steviol Glycosides(95%), Beet Root Juice Powder, Silicon Dioxide.

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Yesterday’s T-boosters simply won’t cut it. Research is showing that declining T levels are merely a symptom of a bigger problem that begins in the “powerplant” of the cells – the mitochondria. That’s because mitochondria produce the energy that every single cell in the body needs to thrive. Heart cells, Brain cells, even the Leydig cells that produce hormones … they all rely on the mitochondria to operate at 100% efficiency.

Dying Organs Restored to Life in Novel Experiments

“A series of experiments has found that fresh mitochondria can revive flagging cells and enable them to quickly recover.”

– The New York Times

Scientists Reverse Wrinkles, Restore Hair Growth In Mice.

“Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) might have discovered the fountain of youth … “Reversing wrinkled skin and hair loss in mice by restoring mitochondrial function?”

– Forbes

Why Scientists Think ‘Hacking Our Cells’ Could Turn Off the Aging Process

“By maintaining or improving the health of the mitochondria, we could potentially improve health across many body systems and organs.”

– Healthline

The Real Cause

Of Male Aging

A Breakthrough

For Men

The "Key to performing your best at every age." - Harvard Nobel Prize Winning Scientist


There's A Problem

Unfortunately, your mitochondria are damaged daily from stress, diet, toxins, excessive pharmaceuticals, and environmental pollutants. In fact, it’s estimated that the energy producing power of mitochondria drops up to 50% between the ages of 40 and 70.

And researchers are discovering that this cellular “energy deficit” is linked to a whole host of ailments we associate with aging … including low T, declining energy, muscle loss, memory loss and poor circulation.

Kevin K.

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“I am 58 years old on Thursday and burn 900 calories a day 6 days a week in my workout. I have been using Mito male just over a week and feel a huge boost to my endurance and feel great! Will definitely continue to use this product!”

Bob U.

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“Just finishing my first container of mito male. Need to reorder as ive felt much better all over since I began taking it. Im 70 years old and plan to continue with this product.”

John H.

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“I love the energy I am getting with this product. I feel youthful and sexual, and my brain feels clearer.”

Dick M.

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“Good product. I am taking during/after my training….daily. Very convenient and easily taken. Mixes easily too and tastes good. My energy level is up…my recovery is good. As a former powerlifter, these aspects are important to me.”

David P.

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“I found my memory was better and other private parts were alive again. So try it and give it some time to work.”

Brad H.

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“I like to take it before dinner because I definitely feel the difference when it’s time to lay down at night with my wife.”

Steven P.

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“This is really good stuff. I will be using on a regular basis!”

William S.

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“Excellent product. More energy and feeling great. Thank you.”

Tim D.

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“I have been taking this supplement for a month, I noticed enhanced energy and vitality. I love the taste, it mixes well. I am definitely buying again.”

Common Questions

Should I take Mito Male every day?

Yes!  Mito Male was designed to be taken daily to achieve the desired benefits. This formula can be taken with or without food. Our staff loves sipping on a glass in the morning to start our days off right and set the tone to dominate life. 

You can also mix it with any liquid of your liking, including adding it to smoothies and shakes for a vitality enhancement cocktail unlike any other.

If this formula is so innovative why isn’t it kept secret on the label?

We believe in 100% transparency with all our products. We want you to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in our formula so you know you’re getting the proper doses, backed by science. Ouro Vitae refuses to hide behind the “proprietary blends” so prevalent in the supplement industry. 
Because this allows a company to load a laundry list of ingredients in their formula, making it look remarkable. But on the inside,  “proprietary blends” can have such small amounts of an ingredient it’s absolutely useless to you. Meaning, they’re marketable, but not remarkable.

Why hasn’t my doctor told me about these types of alternative remedies?

Simply put, the ingredients in Mito Male are all available without a RX , and that means the big pharma companies can’t make a penny off them so they’re not marketed to hospitals. 

Instead, they can charge over $500  a month for HRT which usually comes with painful procedures, constant blood draws and monitoring, and tons of doctor visits. 

Are there any artificial sweeteners or coloring in Mito Male?

Absolutely not. Mito Male is free from artificial sweeteners and coloring. 

Do you have a list of scientific references for the ingredients in Mito Male?

We do! You can find the full list by clicking this link here.