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National Medal of Science Winner says “This is the Key to Turning Back the Clock”

Mito Male is a game changer when it comes to boosting male energy, drive and vitality.  That’s because it attacks the real root cause of male aging … a sharp decline in the body’s cellular engines, the mitochondria.

What You Need To Do Immediately

The ingredients in Mito Male help revitalize and rejuvenate these cellular engines … so you can look, feel and perform like the man you were at half your age.

Stoke Your Inner Fire

Do you go through your day feeling like half the man you used to be? Newsflash … your mitochondria are to blame! Your mitochondria produce the energy that every single cell in your body needs to survive. Muscle cells, heart cells, even the Leydig cells that produce hormones … they all rely on your mitochondria to operate efficiently.

Unfortunately, these structures are constantly attacked by two cellular “wrecking balls” free radicals and inflammation. And by the time you hit 40, these wrecking balls have done so much damage your mitochondria may only be operating at 50% efficiency. And this is the real reason why so many men suffer from low T, declining energy, muscle loss, memory loss, and poor circulation

Your Mitochondria Will Continue to Decline Every Year. It’s time to STOP and REVERSE this cellular destruction.

Introducing Mito Male

Mito Male’s contains the best kept secret of award-winning scientists, Olympic athletes, health experts and pharmacists around the world. It’s a completely natural, all in one formula designed by our team of experts to give you more energy, drive and vitality … By attacking the real root cause of male aging.

What makes Mito Male The Perfect Vitality Supplement

There’s no better feeling than that energy and vitality of youth. It will make you feel young again!

Boost Cellular Energy … Energy is life. Mito Male restores the cellular energy your body needs to work at peak efficiency helping you look, feel and perform like a man half your age.
Cutting Edge Research … Our scientists are constantly tweaking our formulations based on the latest research … so you’ll always be sure you’re getting the most advanced product on the market.
Prevent Cellular Damage … Mito Male contains powerful compounds that help STOP inflammation and free radical damage in its tracks.
Exclusively for Men … Mito male is designed by men for men. We don’t just create these cutting edge products … we use them ourselves every day.
Third-Party Tested … Our production facility tests every single batch of ingredients for toxins and purity …. so you know what we say is in the bottle is the ONLY thing your getting in the bottle.
No Painful Injections … Why waste your time with painful injections or messy creams that can harm your loved ones when you can attack the real root cause of male aging with Mito Male.
Certified American Manufacturer … We make Mito Male right here in the USA in a FDA inspected and GMP certified facility.
All-in-one Formula … Our comprehensive three step formula helps you repair, protect and supercharge your mitochondria down to the DNA level.

Restore Your Mitochondria, Restore Your Life Mito Male helps you feel younger, more energetic and more vital at any age. Become the man you long to be.




Carnitine plays an essential role in your mitochondrial function. It helps transport fatty acids inside the mitochondria. Fatty acids are the fuel that drives ATP production …And carnitine is the pipeline that delivers the fuel inside the cell, so your mitochondria can do its magic.


Acetyl L-carnitine crossed the blood brain barrier, which makes it the only Carnitine derivative that also works to improve the mitochondrial efficiency in your brain.


Known by locals as “the destroyer of weakness”, Shilajit is a natural, tar-like substance that’s found only in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountains. Modern science shows it’s a potent mitochondrial protector.


Its presence in interstellar stardust has led some experts to believe it played a pivotal role in the evolution of life on Earth. PQQ is actually able to help you generate new mitochondria.

Why Every Man Needs Mito Male

Energy & Strength

Since mitochondria provide the energy for every cell in your body, maximizing their ability to create fuel means you can perform your best at any age. The Carnitine in Mito Male has been shown to raise both mental and physical energy by 318% … And the fulvic acid in Shilajit contains over 75 different minerals that help turbocharge your energy engines.

Vitality & Drive

Chalk up another win for Mito Male when it comes to Vitality. Your mitochondria charge up your male machinery … So it should no surprise that research shows that Carnitine can boost three separate markers of vitality and drive up to 167% better than testosterone replacement protocols … Plus, Shilajit has been shown to boost both DHEA and testosterone in older men.

Blood Flow

The GPLC, S7 and beet root powder have been shown to boost nitric oxide levels by up to 230%. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. Plus, it’s also been shown to help your body create new, healthy mitochondria

Brain Power

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is superior to regular Carnitine because it can cross over the blood brain barrier and support the mitochondria in your brain. ALCAR increases the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which is crucial for memory, concentration, and overall cognition. Research ALSO shows ALCAR’s mitochondrial enhancing effects also help decrease mental fatigue by 1/3 and protect against neuro-toxic assaults.

Heart Health Support​

Just like ALCAR and the brain, Propionyl L-Carnitine plays and especially important role in your heart and circulatory health. Studies have also shown it can help reduce the severity of symptoms in people who have suffered from heart and circulatory issues.

Better Mood​

According to a meta-analysis of 12 studies, Mito Male’s ingredients have potent mood boosting effects that not only work rapidly, but also over the long term.​

DNA Protection​

Mito Male has two potent antioxidants help protect your DNA from damage. DNA damage is one of the leading causes of age-related issues … and the PQQ found in Mito Male has been shown to be 5000x more powerful than Vitamin C. ​

Don’t spend a fortune on painful injections or messy creams. Mito Male gets to the root cause of Male Aging.

This country has been the victim of a marketing blitz aimed to convince men that testosterone is a “cure-all” for every single male age-related issue. Because testosterone requires a prescription and a bunch of rogue doctors thought they could create a cash cow with no oversight. But many physicians are now taking a stand. In fact, In January 2020, The American College of Physicians issued new guidelines to their members urging… “That clinicians stop recommending testosterone treatment to improve energy, vitality, physical function, or cognition.” So if you’ve ever thought about any of these expensive options, I urge you to give Mito Male a try first. Because this all-in-one formula is designed to address the root cause of male aging … the mitochondria.

Save up to 60% on Mito Male Today

Mito Male helps you feel younger, more energetic and more vital at any age.

Become the man you long to be.


What Makes Mito Male Different

Our 3 step Process Restores Male Vitality at the Cellular Level

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Because we lose mitochondria as we age, it’s crucial to generate NEW ones in addition to repairing the ones we already have. This is like adding a new “energy engine” to help your body push harder so every cell is working harder and faster than ever before.


Environmental threats aren’t going anywhere, even with a good diet and exercise. Which is why we must make sure our mitochondria are shielded from outside threats to keep them running at 100%

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You need to get old, broken down mitochondria pumping out precious energy again. That means making sure they’re getting the proper raw materials that get turned into fuel for the rest of the body.

American Made and Guaranteed

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Two to four small capsules each day helps you access the anti-aging power of this "alternative" energy formula. Boost drive. Revive Energy. Feel Stronger. And So Much More.

Save up to 60% on Mito Male Today

Mito Male helps you feel younger, more energetic and more vital at any age.  Become the man you long to be.

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Frequently asked questions

The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging simplifies everything when it comes to fighting back against male decline and old age.

After looking around at the research from Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and all the other top research institutions out there…

We realized that an overwhelming majority of scientists believe that declining mitochondria are responsible for “getting old.”

So we used cutting edge research to figure out how you could rejuvenate the mitochondria that are found inside every single one of your cells…

This led us to the six breakthrough ingredients inside Mito Male. And the results have been nothing short of astounding.

Honestly, we really think it will work for you. And the science says it will work for you too.

But with that being said, we do understand that you might be skeptical. After all, while the results we’ve shown you today are all 100% real, they’re also pretty incredible.

You’re probably only going to be fully convinced after you’ve tried Mito Male and seen the difference for yourself. And we want you to be able to do that easily today, without risking a single penny.

So that’s why we’re going to offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s simple: you can try Mito Male out for a full 30 days. And if you’re not absolutely thrilled, just call or email our team and we’ll return every penny you paid once the bottles are returned.

We will never automatically charge you unless you personally sign up for a subscription. With that being said, we do highly encourage you to sign up for our auto-ship program. 

You get 15% off. Free shipping going forward. And full protection from any out of stocks. 

Absolutely. You can see every scientific reference for the claims made on this page by clicking this link here. 

Save 17%

30 Day Supply



Save 33%

90 Day Supply



Save 50%

6 Month Supply