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Mito Male

Feel like a man again with this breakthrough vitality restoring formula. By targeting the real root cause of aging – malfunctioning mitochondria – Mito Male can help you turn back the clock. Rejuvenate your masculine energy at the cellular level. Your best days are still ahead.

Finally, A Male Vitality Boosting Formula That Delivers

Because Mito Male is the only male vitality product on the market that attacks the root cause of male aging. 

Just two capsules a day can help you wake up with limitless energy, alpha male vigor, a chiseled physique, with the confidence you had in your 20’s.

the real cause of male aging

If you’re a man over 35, yesterday’s T- Boosters simply won’t cut it. Research is showing that declining T levels are merely a symptom of a bigger problem that begins in the “powerplant” of your cells – the mitochondria.

That’s because your mitochondria produce the energy that every single cell in your body needs to survive.

Muscle cells, heart cells, even the Leydig cells that produce hormones … they all rely on your mitochondria to operate efficiently.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that the energy producing power of your mitochondria drops by 50% or more after you hit 40.

And this sharp decline is linked to a whole host of problems we associate with aging … including low T, declining energy, muscle loss, memory loss, and poor circulation.



The First & Only Mitochondria
Focused Men's Vitality Boosting Supplement

We created Mito Male to help you feel like a strong and vital man again – no matter what age.

It’s not a t-booster. While this formula helps support hormone levels, we’re attacking the real root of aging, which is NOT Low-T.

It’s not a stimulant. Mito Male helps restore your body’s natural energy levels by repairing your biological power plants.

Take two capsules of Mito Male a day for the stamina to play 18 holes of golf without breaking a sweat, get blood flowing where it matters most, while watching that beer belly disappear.

Every dose contains our patent-pending formula of seven powerful vitality restoring ingredients.

Carnitines, PQQ, & Shilajit to Restore Your Mitochondria

These powerful ingredients help restore, protect, and supercharge your mitochondria. Feel the impact on the first day as your cells come alive again with youthful energy.

Plus, S7 & Beet Root Extract for More Vitality Boosting Power

Nitric Oxide is one of the most effective ways to boost your mitochondria as well as one of the most powerful libido enhancers.

Both S7 and beet root extract are two of nature’s most powerful nitric oxide boosts shown to boost levels 230% higher.







Because we lose mitochondria as we age, it’s crucial to generate NEW ones in addition to repairing the ones we already have. This is like adding a new “energy engine” to help your body push harder so every cell is working harder and faster than ever before.




Environmental threats aren’t going anywhere, even with a good diet and exercise. Which is why we must make sure our mitochondria are shielded from outside threats to keep them running at 100%

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You need to get old, broken down mitochondria pumping out precious energy again. That means making sure they’re getting the proper raw materials that get turned into fuel for the rest of the body.

What's Inside



Carnitine plays an essential role in your mitochondrial function. It helps transport fatty acids inside the mitochondria. Fatty acids are the fuel that drives ATP production …And carnitine is the pipeline that delivers the fuel inside the cell, so your mitochondria can do its magic.


Acetyl L-carnitine crossed the blood brain barrier, which makes it the only Carnitine derivative that also works to improve the mitochondrial efficiency in your brain.


Known by locals as “the destroyer of weakness”, Shilajit is a natural, tar-like substance that’s found only in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountains. Modern science shows it’s a potent mitochondrial protector.


Its presence in interstellar stardust has led some experts to believe it played a pivotal role in the evolution of life on Earth. PQQ is actually able to help you generate new mitochondria.

Plus, 2 More Powerful Vitality Boosters


S7® is a blend of seven (7) plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%.

Our bodies already produce nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This aids men by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to exercising muscles during workouts.

S7® is not an ingested nitrate product, but instead a clinically researched plant-based sports nutrition ingredient that triggers the best kind of nitric oxide production – your body’s own internal NO.

Beet Root Extract

Beets are rich in dietary nitrates, which your body can convert to nitric oxide.

According to one study in 38 adults, consuming a beetroot juice supplement increased nitric oxide levels by 21% after just 45 minutes. Similarly, another study showed that drinking beetroot juice significantly increased nitric oxide levels in men.

Thanks to their rich content of dietary nitrates, beets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved cognitive function, enhanced athletic performance and lower blood pressure levels

Mito Male


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Brian N.

Great Energy

I was 54 and was tired a lot even though I was in good shape. After several days I felt better and have far better energy. I have been using it for over a year. The capsules are far better than the original powder which got on everything. Investment in my over all health10/10 for me!

William B.
United States United States

Mitomale experience

This the first on the market that delivers what it says in their ads I started mitomale make since 2 months and never I felt this wonderful even when I was in my 25 now I am 77 and I feel like a young energetic ready for anything this energy is in the gym and in bed my muscles are bulging and my shape is like I was in my thirties

Glen S.
United States United States

This all adds up to more confidence!

I've been taking [Mito Male] for over 3 months and I notice a significant difference. It took time but the current results are great! More energy, more muscle strength, a feeling of well-being, calmer mind, and this all adds up to more confidence!

Steven K.
United States United States

Product Works!

I've heard all the guys say it doesn't taste great, Doesn't do as advertised. BS! This product is the only product I've taken that does exactly what it is advertised to do. I'm in my 3rd month and could not be more pleased with the results. More Energy Better Workouts More Vitality! :) Less Brain Fog I could go on and on. When they say turn back the clock, That's exactly what they mean and that is exactly what this product does. I'm 57 going on 35. Thanks for such a Great Product! Much appreciated.

Robert H.
United States United States

I’m 71 and I can feel the surge of energy. It works.

I’m 71 and I can feel the surge of energy. It works.

Dr J.
United States United States

Quit Simply- It Works

It doesn't make you feel like you over did the caffeine. No jittery or edgy feeling. You are just better longer and don't get as fatigued doing nearly twice the activity as before. It's just you better for a longer time with less stress. this stuff rocks! I barely broke a sweat when I normally at a minimum had a damp shirt after not taking my hour bike ride 3 or 4 times a week. And I wasn't nearly as winded as when I last rode 6 months ago either. Nectar of the Gods.

Michael C.
United States United States

Voting with My Wallet - I Just Bought More

Like many of the reviewers I read here, I was skeptical. Mito Male was presented as a cure-all for most of what ails older men. I am 64 years old and found myself exhausted each day by around 6PM. My sleep was disturbed, I seemed to lack the clear decisive thought processes that have served me well throughout my career and my libido was at an all time low. I just happened to stumble across an OuroVitae ad in Instagram and it seemed like the answer I was looking for. It sounded so good that it could not be true. However, the price was reasonable, and if it really did do what it said, it would be a great deal. I decided to give it a one month trial. It is two weeks or so later and I am astounded. This stuff really works. My energy levels are back, my sleep is better, my clarity and focus are back and my libido is back. After only two weeks of using Mito Male, I can't imagine returning to the way I was feeling before I tried it. I just logged in and "voted with my wallet" - I ordered another two months of it. If you find yourself tired, foggy and out of sorts, give Mito Male a try. You have (almost) nothing to lose and everything to gain. I've liked Mito Male well enough that I have given OuroVitae a little more "wallet share" - I am trying out their CoQ10 and their Overnight T+. I'll post reviews of those in a few weeks. I am a real customer and this is a real review. I have no affiliation with OuroVitae except as a customer.

- Daniel M.
I am 63 years young and just finishing my 1st canister, I have noticed a change in my energy and sleep. I am a 30 year commercial plumber/Martial arts practitioner. And I may think twice about retirement. Thinking I just found the fountain of youth.​
- Bill L.
I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years and only a select few have been found to do what they say. Your product is one I will keep getting as long as it’s available. I’m 66 years old and very active. Mito Male has had a significant effect on my workouts.
- Brad W.
Being taking it 2 months now, it’s worth every penny. Not a paid spokesperson, just a happy consumer. Just turned 50 and feel better than I have in years.

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because you’re covered by our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.It’s important to us that money doesn’t come between you and the solution your energy and health craves.

So we want to make this easy.

If for any reason you don’t get the results, we’ve expressed over the trial period … Simply return your EMPTY bottles of Mito Male for a FULL, no-questions-asked refund. Because the reality is: If somehow Mito Male fails to deliver the results we promise…We don’t want to keep a penny of YOUR money.


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Customer Support

have questions? we have the answers whenever you need them.


Easy Returns

not satisifed? we make returns super easy


Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (capsules), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

2 Capsules A Day

Two small capsules a day to access the anti-aging power of this mitochondria restoring formula. Boost drive. Revive Energy. Regrow Hair. And So Much More.


Frequently asked questions

The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging simplifies everything when it comes to fighting back against male decline and old age.

After looking around at the research from Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and all the other top research institutions out there…

We realized that an overwhelming majority of scientists believe that declining mitochondria are responsible for “getting old.”

So we used cutting edge research to figure out how you could rejuvenate the mitochondria that are found inside every single one of your cells…

This led us to the six breakthrough ingredients inside Mito Male. And the results have been nothing short of astounding.

Honestly, we really think it will work for you. And the science says it will work for you too.

But with that being said, we do understand that you might be skeptical. After all, while the results we’ve shown you today are all 100% real, they’re also pretty incredible.

You’re probably only going to be fully convinced after you’ve tried Mito Male and seen the difference for yourself. And we want you to be able to do that easily today, without risking a single penny.

So that’s why we’re going to offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s simple: you can try Mito Male out for a full 30 days. And if you’re not absolutely thrilled, just call or email our team and we’ll return every penny you paid once the bottles are returned.

We will never automatically charge you unless you personally sign up for a subscription. With that being said, we do highly encourage you to sign up for our auto-ship program. 

You get 15% off. Free shipping going forward. And full protection from any out of stocks. 

Absolutely. You can see every scientific reference for the claims made on this page by clicking this link here. 

Mito Male Scientific References

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