6 Powerful Ingredients Essential for Male Vitality

100% More Effective at Boosting Male Vitality Than Testosterone Replacements!


Rejuvenate Every Cell In The Body To Help Restore:

Vitality & Confidence

Muscle And Strength

Memory, Focus, And Mood

Blood Flow

Optimal Hormone Levels

6 Powerful Ingredients Essential for Male Vitality

100% More Effective at Boosting Male Vitality Than Testosterone Replacements!

Rejuvenate Every Cell In The Body To Help Restore:

Vitality & Confidence

Muscle And Strength

Memory, Focus, And Mood

Blood Flow

Optimal Hormone Levels


"If I could have only one supplement, Mito Male would be the one!"

- Dr. Richard Schuttler


Restore Your Manhood

If you want healthy brain cells that keep you focused and confident you need optimal mitochondria .

If you want healthy heart cells that keeps the oxygen pumping to your muscles … so you have the energy and stamina to play 18 holes, take your children or grandchildren to the zoo, then make love to your wife all night …

You need the optimal mitochondria in your heart cells. And if you want healthy Leydig cells that keep pumping out the hormones that make you feel like a young, vital MAN …You need the mitochondria in those cells working optimally.

It's All About Energy

Mitochondria are known as he “powerplant of the cell” because they produce the energy that every single cell in the body needs to not only survive … but thrive.

Just like a powerplant will convert coal or oil into electricity.

Your body takes the food, water and oxygen you feed it and turns it into your own version of bio-electricity called ATP.

And the mitochondria is the place where this ATP is made. However, mitochondria are one of the first cellular organs to suffer extensive damage from one of the biggest “wrecking balls” inside your body…

Free Radicals

THESE FREE RADICALS ATTACK NEARLY EVERY STRUCTURE IN THE CELL … Wearing and tearing them down… And hijacking the vitality and strength cells had in their youth.

And if mitochondria are damaged from free-radical creators like a poor diet, bad sleep, excessive pharmaceuticals, and environmental pollutants that the body is exposed to every single day… Men can continue to experience declining energy levels, droopy muscles and plummeting vitality.


Because it’s estimated the mitochondria suffer free-radical damage 5-10 times more than other parts of the cells

One study recently showed that while the average 5-year-old boy shows almost no damage in their mitochondria … by the time the average man reaches 90, up to 95% of their mitochondria will be damaged. Think about that!

If a man manages to make it to 90 nearly every organ in their body could be working at just 5% capacity. That’s the real difference between the 5-year-old with boundless energy and enthusiasm … and the 90-year-old that can barely make it out of bed.

So Forget Hyped Up Test-Boosters

Because Mito Male is the first and only formula that focuses on a deeper cause of male aging … the mitochondria. Once mitochondria start working at peak efficiency, the body can naturally start optimizing hormones, energy levels, and every other system in the body.

Make Your Mitochondria Mighty Again

With L-Carnitine. This “Miracle Amino”  plays an essential role in your mitochondrial function. It helps transport fatty acids inside the mitochondria.

Fatty acids are the fuel that drives ATP production …And carnitine is the pipeline that delivers the fuel inside the cell, so your mitochondria can do its magic.

If the pipeline breaks or gets backed up … the entire system starts to crash. That’s why Carnitine is one of the most vital amino acids in your body.


Vitality Rejuvination

5 Italian scientists lead by the world renowned Giorgio Cavallini divided a group of 120 older men into three groups. 40 received a placebo. 40 received actual testosterone. And 40 received a combination of the natural amino acids propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine.

At the end of the study, what the researchers found was astounding. The group taking the combination of natural amino acids had 187% higher vitality levels than the placebo…And 100% higher than the men receiving actual testosterone.

Mito Male contains 500mg of each of these special forms of L-Carnitine. 



Since mitochondria provide the energy for every cell in your body, maximizing their ability to create fuel means you can perform your best at any age. In fact, one double blind, placebo controlled study out of Sicily found that Carnitine boosted muscle growth by 460% and boosted mental and physical energy by 218%!

fire-cion - 250

Fat Burning

A double blind, placebo controlled study out of Catania, Italy showed that supplementing with Carnitine boosted fat reduction 6x higher … without any change in diet!


This gives the body a one-two punch that helps you attack your workouts harder and recover quicker. In fact, multiple studies have shown that L-Carnitine can help boost the energy, endurance and recovery of everyone from elite athletes to centenarians.


Blood Flow Boosting

It’s been shown to help protect the endothelial cells that line your arteries, helping you boost Nitric Oxide levels by 55%. 

One meta-analysis published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings analyzed 13 placebo-controlled studies involving patients with a history of heart issues. Compared with placebo, L-carnitine reduced chest pain by 40 percent, dangerous arrhythmias by 65%, and could improve hearth health.


Brain Power

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is superior to regular Carnitine because it can cross over the blood brain barrier and support the mitochondria in your brain. ALCAR increases the neurotransmitter

Acetylcholine, which is crucial for memory, concentration, and overall cognition.

Research ALSO shows ALCAR’s mitochondrial enhancing effects also help decrease mental fatigue by 1/3 and protect against neuro-toxic assaults.


DNA Protection

Carnitine is a potent antioxidant and its ability to scavenge free radicals has been shown to protect DNA from cell damage. DNA carry your genetic coding and the more damage they take the faster you age. Damaged DNA are linked to increased risks of deadly diseases.

Meet Our Chief Science Officer

I’m the Chief Science officer of Ouro Vitae, one of the world’s fastest growing men’s health companies.

I spent the last few decades researching nutrition and teaching biochemistry at a top research university…

While helping my family run an elite fitness and training gym on Long Island, New York.

We trained dozens of NFL, NHL, MLB and MMA athletes at our facility … As well as many topflight medical and Wall Street professionals.

Helping them maintain the energy, strength and stamina they had in their youth … So they could continue to compete at the highest level. I can honestly say I’ve spent the bulk of my life dedicated to researching peak performance … More specifically, how to maintain this peak performance well into old age.

And I have yet to find a more powerful or faster way than using this breakthrough formula.

Plus, We Included 4 More Powerful Vitality Boosting Ingredients

These Four Ingredients Are Essential For Every Man Over 40 Who Wants To Look, Feel And Perform At Younger Levels


Before the discovery of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone(PQQ) scientists didn’t think it was possible to produce NEW mitochondria.

This remarkable compound’s presence in interstellar stardust has lead some experts to believe it played a pivotal role in the evolution of life on Earth.

In one study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers fed mice a diet supplemented with PQQ. The mice grew a staggering 55% more new mitochondria in just 8 weeks.

Up To

5,000X More Powerful

Than antioxidants like vitamin C

Supports the

Immune System




Nerve Growth Factor


Shilajit is a natural, tar-like substance found only in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountains.

Its known by the locals as the “conqueror of mountains” and the “destroyer of weakness” because of its potent effects on vitality … and its remarkable ability to give the local Sherpas the almost supernatural strength and stamina they need to scale the summit.

But that’s not all. Various references to the potent effects of Shilajit extend all the way back to ancient Greece.

In fact, it’s believed that Aristotle introduced this remarkable elixir to Alexander the Great … who fed it to his armies to ensure victory on the battlefield.

Shilajit contains powerful antioxidants called dibenzo alpha pyrones …

That specifically target and eliminate the free radicals that attack your mitochondrial DNA.

In fact, in a recent study out of the Indian Institute of Technology, researchers took two group of mice…. and mice fed the normal diet saw their rate of mitochondrial decay soar by up to 200% over those 21 days …Which sent their anxiety levels soaring and made it so these mice could barely move a muscle.

However, the group that took Shilajit had no signs of any mitochondrial damage …In fact, they all continued to perform like nothing had happened. Which is one of the most powerful examples of mitochondrial protection that I’ve ever seen from a natural compound.



Contains 85

Essential Minerals






S7® ​

S7® is a blend of seven (7) plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%.

Our bodies already produce nitric oxide which acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This aids men by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to exercising muscles during workouts.

S7® is not an ingested nitrate product, but instead a clinically researched plant-based sports nutrition ingredient that triggers the best kind of nitric oxide production – your body’s own internal NO.


Beet Root Extract

Beets are rich in dietary nitrates, which your body can convert to nitric oxide.

According to one study in 38 adults, consuming a beetroot juice supplement increased nitric oxide levels by 21% after just 45 minutes.

Similarly, another study showed that drinking beetroot juice significantly increased nitric oxide levels in men.

Thanks to their rich content of dietary nitrates, beets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved cognitive function, enhanced athletic performance and lower blood pressure levels

Mito Male


Steven k

Verified Buyer


Product Works!

I’ve heard all the guys say it doesn’t taste great, Doesn’t do as advertised. BS!
This product is the only product I’ve taken that does exactly what it is advertised to do. I’m in my 3rd month and could not be more pleased with the results.
More Energy
Better Workouts
More Vitality! 🙂
Less Brain Fog
I could go on and on. When they say turn back the clock, That’s exactly what they mean and that is exactly what this product does. I’m 57 going on 35.
Thanks for such a Great Product! Much appreciated.

Dr. J Lawson

Verified Buyer


Quit Simply- It Works

It doesn’t make you feel like you over did the caffeine. No jittery or edgy feeling. You are just better longer and don’t get as fatigued doing nearly twice the activity as before. It’s just you better for a longer time with less stress. this stuff rocks! I barely broke a sweat when I normally at a minimum had a damp shirt after not taking my hour bike ride 3 or 4 times a week. And I wasn’t nearly as winded as when I last rode 6 months ago either. Nectar of the Gods.

Michael C.

Verified Buyer


Voting with My Wallet – I Just Bought More

Like many of the reviewers I read here, I was skeptical. Mito Male was presented as a cure-all for most of what ails older men. I am 64 years old and found myself exhausted each day by around 6PM. My sleep was disturbed, I seemed to lack the clear decisive thought processes that have served me well throughout my career and my [vitality] was at an all time low. I just happened to stumble across an OuroV itae ad in Instagram and it seemed like the answer I was looking for. It sounded so good that it could not be true. However, the price was reasonable, and if it really did do what it said, it would be a great deal. I decided to give it a one month trial.

It is two weeks or so later and I am astounded. This stuff really works. My energy levels are back, my sleep is better, my clarity and focus are back and my libido is back. After only two weeks of using Mito Male, I can’t imagine returning to the way I was feeling before I tried it. I just logged in and “voted with my wallet” – I ordered another two months of it. If you find yourself tired, foggy and out of sorts, give Mito Male a try. You have (almost) nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Dr. Richard Schuttler

Verified Buyer


If I could have only one supplement, Mito Male would be the one!

Who says you can’t grow new muscle?! If I could have only one supplement, Mito Male would be the one! Taking 30-minutes before, as a pre-workout, my energy in the gym is more intense and longer-lasting. At 63-years old, lifting for 30+ years, I know what works and Mito Male works!

Nick B.

Verified Buyer


I felt so much better after just a couple days!

I felt so much better after just a couple days! I was forgetting things and had low energy and just not feeling myself. Now if feel like myself again! Love this product!!!

Carlos Q.

Verified Buyer


This is the best product I’ve used.

I’ve tried so many different supplements and they all fell extremely short of my expectations. But Mito Male is the real deal. I’m gonna be turning 50 soon and I feel like I’m 30!!! I don’t know what I would do without it!!Thanks for taking care of me. I look forward to continuing my journey with Mito male!

Roland S.

Verified Buyer


After two days I can really feel an impact!

I just received my first Mito Male delivery, and after two days I can really feel an impact!

Brad W.

Verified Buyer


Worth every penny

Being taking it 2 months now, it’s worth every penny. Not a paid spokesperson, just a happy consumer. Just turned 50 and feel better than I have in years.

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (capsules), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

2 Capsules A Day

Two small capsules a day to access the anti-aging power of this mitochondria restoring formula. Boost sex drive. Revive Energy. Regrow Hair. And So Much More.

- Daniel M.
I am 63 years young and just finishing my 1st canister, I have noticed a change in my energy and sleep. I am a 30 year commercial plumber/Martial arts practitioner. And I may think twice about retirement. Thinking I just found the fountain of youth.​
- Bill L.
I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years and only a select few have been found to do what they say. Your product is one I will keep getting as long as it’s available. I’m 66 years old and very active. Mito Male has had a significant effect on my workouts.
- Brad W.
Being taking it 2 months now, it’s worth every penny. Not a paid spokesperson, just a happy consumer. Just turned 50 and feel better than I have in years.

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because you’re covered by our 180-day 100% money-back guarantee.It’s important to us that money doesn’t come between you and the solution your energy and health craves. So we want to make this easy.

If for any reason you don’t get the results, we’ve expressed over the trial period … Simply return your EMPTY bottles of Mito Male for a FULL, no-questions-asked refund. Because the reality is: If somehow Mito Male fails to deliver the results we promise…We don’t want to keep a penny of YOUR money.


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Frequently asked questions

The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging simplifies everything when it comes to fighting back against male decline and old age.

After looking around at the research from Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and all the other top research institutions out there…

We realized that an overwhelming majority of scientists believe that declining mitochondria are responsible for “getting old.”

So we used cutting edge research to figure out how you could rejuvenate the mitochondria that are found inside every single one of your cells…

This led us to the six breakthrough ingredients inside Mito Male. And the results have been nothing short of astounding.

Honestly, we really think it will work for you. And the science says it will work for you too.

But with that being said, we do understand that you might be skeptical. After all, while the results we’ve shown you today are all 100% real, they’re also pretty incredible.

You’re probably only going to be fully convinced after you’ve tried Mito Male and seen the difference for yourself. And we want you to be able to do that easily today, without risking a single penny.

So that’s why we’re going to offer a full 180 day money back guarantee.

It’s simple: you can try Mito Male out for a full 6 months. And if you’re not absolutely thrilled, just call or email our team and we’ll return every penny you paid once the bottles are returned.

Absolutely not! We will never automatically charge you. This is a one time purchase.

Absolutely. You can see every scientific reference for the claims made on this page by clicking this link here. 




Trevor J.

Verified Buyer


Will Be Ordering More!


I am 52 years old. In fairly good shape. I was skeptical to say the least. Bought just one bottle to try. My fourth day taking it. I definitely have more energy. I can seriously tell a difference. Will be ordering more!! “


Jack P.

Verified Buyer


This Stuff Is Amazing


This stuff is amazing, after about 1 hour of taking my first [serving] ever of your product I felt very at ease and mentally awake and I also slept like a log…I’ve never tried anything ever that has an extremely noticeable effect and so fast. I’m glad I bought 3 months worth cause it’s great.


Brian P.

Verified Buyer


Energy All Day


I feel really good from taking MITO MALE first thing in the mourning. Energy all day…I will be ordering more next month.


Darryl L.

Verified Buyer


Excellent All-In-One!


I love it! I have much more energy, am sleeping much better & losing weight easier. Will definitely be getting more.”


Michael I.

Verified Buyer


Your Product Is One I Will Keep Taking


I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years and only a select few have been found to do what they say. Your product is one I will keep getting as long as it’s available. I’m 66 years old and very active. Mito Male has had a significant effect on my workouts.”


Robert B.

Verified Buyer


This Product is Amazing


At 69 and as an avid life extension enthusiast for decades, this product is amazing. I actually stopped taking other nutrients because I did not feel the need. Wow.


David R.

Verified Buyer


Increase In Energy


Well I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks now and do notice an increase in energy. And believe it or not, i do have new hair growing back. I’m 43 and was losing stamina before i started this. I definitely recommend trying it. Everyone’s body reacts different to things, but it worth the try. Its working for me.


John S.

Verified Buyer


It Really Worked!


I tried this product cause i was looking for something my body was missing health wise . After numerous products, i stumbled across the best product i have ever taken it really worked, finally a product with results and after a month i felt like i was in my 20’s again im 49 and love this product . Thank you for my new body.”

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